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What is a swim spa?

A swim spa is a resistance swimming machine that allows a person to swim in place using a jetted stream.

What are the advantages of a swim spa over a traditional swimming pool?

There are many advantages and reasons why a swim spa could be considered in place of a traditional swimming pool. For one, swim spas are not only more affordable than most pools, but they don’t require permits for digging or a lot of time to construct. Don’t forget that with a traditional swimming pool you may be on the hook to install a fence around it and face increases on insurance. Also, swim spas are much smaller than swimming pools and can fit into smaller spaces, but give you the swimming abilities of a long lap pool. A traditional pool requires a lot of space for not only the pool, but the equipment. Even then, swimming pools have their limitations. With a swim spa you can swim in place for as long as you’d like without having to do laps. There are also numerous accessories you can add for other types of exercises. Maintenance is a lot simpler and cost-effective with a swim spa as well. And finally, many swim spa models come with hot tub features and dual zones where you can enjoy massage jets after your swim. 

How are swim spas installed?

Swim spas come already built and are delivered and installed in your backyard. Installation is simple and can be done easily by a factory-certified installer. They can be installed above-ground, partially inground or fully inground. You can speak with one of our experts on where a swim spa is best installed. 

How much do swim spas cost?

Pricing is determined based on your configuration options, accessories and other factors which makes each swim spa different. In order to get pricing, feel free to request swim spa pricing, call us or visit our store. Ask about financing options.

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